Development means filling the gap between past and future, collecting memories in order to discover new desires, facing new challenges. We can still be innovative thanks to the constant gratitude for our story.

Manual skills & Technology

The Gurian "made in Italy" is not only a geographical connotation, but an entrepreneurial choice, the result of a perfect balance between artisan accuracy and technological precision. The technology lets us develop innovative solutions in order to improve comfort and industrial production processes. The specialized artisan skills ensure the quality of the human touch and a meticulous control. In this way, the product maintains a refined sartorial aspect above the technologically advanced structure.


Every material we use has been selected and controlled on the basis of high qualitative standars. The structures are always created with wooden or metallic framings, following a careful study about the material's response to stress. All the structure's rigid portions are upholstered with polyurethane foam, in order to ensure the best ergonomics. Seating and back cushions are created with different types of polyurethane foam, feathers or acrylic wadding, to reach the highest comfort levels and the required design. Every sewing, both for leather and fabric, has been realized with 100% high-resistance polyamide wires, which guarantee maximum strenght and refined aesthetics.


The Gurian collection provides a wide selection of available coverings in leather and fabric. The processing of leather has always represented the main know how of our company. The full grain leathers, tanned in Italy, are all selected on the basis of a strict study about the technical and aesthetic needs of the Gurian's research and development centre.
Every kind of leather is unique within its own features, from the grain to the softness, from the thickness to the finishing. Fabrics, exclusively realized by the best Italian textile companies, are available in a complete range of different colours and textures.